Registration 1

To participate in the auction, you need to register .

Put the maximum willing buy amount 3

In your account there must be an amount to cover all costs by lot (see Lock ).

You can deposit funds into your personal account in several ways.

Product Selection 2

Choose the product you need.     

Bit the product 4

On the bid page, you make a bid . The bid is automatically transferred from our website to the original Yahoo Auction site.

Your account will be blocked by the amount of money for the purchase of the product.

Winning the bid 1

After the product has been won, we contact the seller and agree on the delivery of goods to our Japan office in Fukuoka.

The calculation for the goods 2

When the goods arrive at the warehouse, we will recalculate based on real costs. This amount is debited from your account.

If the amount of the lock was larger, the balance is returned to your account. If the funds in your account is not enough, the balance will go into negative.

Ship to your door step 3

Sending by sea:  We pack the parcel and send it to the address you specified. The calculation for sending the parcel is made separately in two stages. Delivery to nearest delivery branch in Malaysia(Kuala Lumpur), Indonesia (Batam) is paid by debiting funds from your personal account. Delivery to the your door step need to paid at the local logistic  transport company in your country .

Receipt of goods 4

After a certain time you will receive the goods.

Withdrawal 5

The balance of the account can be left for the purchase of the next lot. The OTHER hand the On, AT Given the any time you CAN the get your money back, ie The the withdraw funds from the account.

Lost the bid 1

The amount blocked for the purchase of this lot will be unlocked

Withdrawal 2

You can leave money to buy another lot or withdraw funds from the account.